Cedar Creek Church by the lake actually started "on" the lake.  In 1958, Leonard and Susie McKeand, feeling guilty about missing church every Sunday during the summer started holding services on their homemade houseboat with their four children and the friends they invited out on the weekends.  Fifty years later, Cedar Creek Church by the lake is still going and growing strong. Read more of our history by clicking on this link:  

Church History

Today’s church has been updated with weatherproof pews donated by members and dedicated to their loved ones.  The bell rings at 10:00 a.m. to gather all churchgoers together before the service starts at 10:30 a.m. The church services run from Memorial Day each year through the Labor Day weekend. A highlight of the church’s season is “Gospel Singing Sunday” held on the weekend that falls closest to the fourth of July.  

Please Join Us!


2016 Season Services

Sunday May29, 2016 - Sunday September 4, 2016

Fellowship at 10 a.m.    ~    Service at 10:30 a.m.


Your 2016 Church Committee

Linda Adams, Arthur & Kim Anderson, Mike & Diane Bailey, Dave & Marilou Barton, Mike & Diane Bailey,
John & Deborah Baugh, Jerry & Connie Bradley,  Dave & Lora Coleman, Rick & Barbara Halcomb,
Bill & Sara Hunter, Brian & Sandra Hunter, Wayne & Linda Johnson, Ronald S. & Marty P. Ligon,
Kenny & Cherie Parker, Rob & Nicole Pittman, Tom & Margaret Puckett,
Grant & Suzanne Smothers, Dick & Juliet Stockstill, Lorna Sullins, Nathan & Stacy Thomas,
Robert & Deborah Williams and John & Ginger Winchester
Mrs. Catherine Comer, Church Organist

2016 Scheduled Speakers and Musicians

June 26 - Ryan Bennett with Scott Honaker

July 3 (Gospel Sunday) - The Ball Brothers 

July 10 - Ricky Perry with Heather Lawson

July 17 - Dr. James Hambrick with Michelle Parsley

July 24 - Bill Strickland with Barry & Sherry Smith

July 31 - Tom Halliburton with Sam Mullins

Aug 7 - Ed Yarbrough with Jeanette Doral

Aug 14 - Craig Goff

Aug 21 - Gary Speich with The Gospelaires

Aug 28 - Bill Devaulx with The Era

Sept 4 - Dr. Lynn Hill with Jennifer Scoble

Prayers Please!

Linda Adams, Dennis Alexander, The Beadle Family, The David Blue Family, Martha Ann Caldwell, Taylor & Phyllis Henry, Bob & Christa Huseby, Tommy Lowe, Chuck Porter, Jim & Mary Elizabeth Webster and Larry Wirth

Please bring your prayer requests to the church leader before the start of the service, or contact the club office to be added to the prayer list.

Contact info for Linda Adams (cards are welcome, visitors are restricted for the time being).

Healthsouth, 1000 Physicians Way, Franklin, TN  37067