In 1953 rumors spread that Old Hickory Dam would become a fact. It became the dream of a dozen or so men who were members of the Davidson County Sportsman Club to form a club to fish, boat and enjoy the to-be-created lake. Groups of interested “members” began scouting the land, looking for potential sites. The ring leader and driving force in the development of the club was Frank Davis. W. E. Jones, manager of the Church Street office of Third National Bank pledged his bank stock and borrowed $10,000 to buy the land. To understand the magnitude of that risk, just think what approximately 80 acres of potential lakefront property would cost today. It was a gamble.

The Charter was formed on September 23, 1953 and the first meeting of the incorporators was held on October 13, 1953. Once the land was surveyed and purchased, the real work began. Committees were formed to try to sell memberships at $25 per year. The money was to form the Club and buy back the land from Mr. Jones. It was slow going, but the Club evolved. The dam became a reality and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers paid $4,600 to condemn 14 of the Club’s acres for the lake. That money, plus the $25 dues provided enough money to buy the land from Mr. Jones.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s there were steady improvements and additions. The pool, bathhouse, and pavilion created a new atmosphere and gathering place. The trailers that appeared on the south side of the property transformed into cottage lake homes. Every good club has to have tennis courts. The dry storage facility appeared and during this time the club changed from a sporting / fishing club to a boating club. It was almost as if the boats in the harbor took nourishment from the water and outgrew their accommodations.

In the 80’s, the country’s prosperity had a direct effect on “Cedar Creek YACHT Club”. The old docks were replaced with what we see now. In fact, most of the club got a facelift. The new fuel and guest docks were finished. The dry stack received a new rack system. The pool was modernized and the kid’s room was added. The biggest improvement was the complete renovation and modernization of the clubhouse and kitchen to what we have today.

As the membership grows and changes, one thing remains the same through time. The membership has always banded together to make the club a great place for a family to be together. The history of Cedar Creek is in the untold stories of hundreds of families and friends who have come closer within this beautiful facility. A lot of water has passed through the dam since 1953, and still Cedar Creek Yacht Club is the same dream of those original members. Only now you could say that dream has been realized.