Our Vets

We Salute You!

Jack Abbott, Navy

James Achuff, Navy

J. Gary Allen, Army/TN National Guard

Bob Ballow, Navy

John Baugh, Navy

Robert Baulch, Air Force/TN Air National Guard

WP Bone, Army

Jerry Bradley, Army

Bart Brown, Army Reserve

Glenn Bruce, US Navy

Dr. Rhett Bruner, Army

David Buntin, Navy

Don Burgner, TN Army National Guard

David Caldwell Sr., Air Force

David Coleman, Navy

Henry Davis, Army

Jere Ervin, Army

Andrew Findley, Navy

Roy Flowers, Air Force

Keith Fly, TN National Guard

Sue Flynn-Meier, US Army

Dr. James Fussell, US Army Reserve

Dr. Dan Geddie, Navy

Ken Goddard, US Marine Corps

Warren Goodwin, Navy

Sam Hall, Army

Randy Harris, US Marine Corps

Michael Henry, Army National Guard

Taylor Henry, Army

Bill Hunter, Air Force Reserve

Bryan Jackson, Air National Guard

Don Johnson, Navy

Dr. Wayne Johnson, Army

Jerry Jones, Army

Jack Key, Army

Randy LaGasse, Coast Guard

Matt Larson, Army

Joe Longever, Air Force

Larry Mathes, Coast Guard

John McHenry, Navy

James Moore, TN Air National Guard/TN National Guard

Bryan Noel, Army

Mason Noel, Army

Bill Pratt, Army

Jeff Pratt, Army

Rick Robinette, Air Force

Hal Rosson, Army Reserve

Herb Ruck, Marines

Sam Sanders, Navy

Charles Sargent, Navy

Michael Sheehan, Army

Paul Stampley, Army

Jack Steakley, Air Force

Byron "Jerry" Stephens, Army

Alex Stillwell, Air Force

Dick Stockstill, Army

Dr. Cristy Stumb, Army Nat'l Guard

Dr. Paul Stumb, Navy

Tom Tate, Army

Ashley Thomas, Army

Mark Thomas, Army Active Duty

Nathan Thomas, Air Force

Bill Tisdale, Air Force

Jerrod Waffired, Marines

Richard Watts, Army

James Webster, Air Force

Mary Elizabaeth Webster, RAF

Sam Wellington, Navy

Hal Whetstone, Army

Jack White Jr., Army

Chad Williams, Marines

Robert Williams, Army

Roy Williams, Marines

John Winchester, Air Force

Don Wolfard, Army

If you served in the Armed Forces and do not see your name on this list, please contact the club office.